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Engagement shoot with Dominic and Taylor at Italian Garden Maymount Park

March 25, 2017

 Love & Happiness! Celebrating over 5 years together, Dominic and Taylor are getting married. This shot has been one of favorite shoots, as watching the two of them together made me extremely excited for my upcoming proposal to my now fiancé . Dominic and Taylor allowed themselves to fully live in the moment and enjoy every minute of their session.



 What was your first impression of your fiancé ?

Dominic:  "Five years ago when we first met, my first impression was - My, my, my... she is so gorgeous, intelligent and very outgoing!"


Taylor: "He's a fine piece of caramel with nice teeth!"

 Which one of you, said "I Love You" first?

Dominic: "I'm pretty sure she told me she loved me first lol. If I remember correctly I was in Miami for my 21st birthday celebrating with friends. We haven't stopped loving each other since."


Taylor: "I think I said it first when he left for his 21st birthday vacation to Miami."

 If you could describe your fiancé in one word, what would it be?

Dominic: Selfless. "This is one woman who has the biggest heart I've ever seen in my life. She will literally give her last $1, last shirt on her back to anyone and everyone (to ensure they're ok). I find this incredible mind blowing, because they're too many people out in today's world whom are like this. This really makes me appreciate every aspect of my fiancé ."


Taylor: Compassionate.

 What questions are you asked the most as a newly engaged couple?

Dominic: "How do you both make it work for so many years? You both don't get tired of each other? When is the wedding, because I need my invite? Do you think you both are ready for this big step?"


Taylor: "When are you getting married? What's your color scheme? How many people are in your wedding?

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